Training Nights

Every Monday we have our firefighter training nights, learning new skills and improving our knowledge, to ensure we can provide the best service for the residents of Petrolia. Aside from Monday night training, we also have extra training days (like live fire burn training, and ice/water rescue).


Training Centre

Just recently, the Town of Petrolia donated an older building near the sewage treatment facility. The building had been sitting dormant since the new, bigger facility was built, so the town found a use for it.

Live Fire Burn

Recently on October 14, 2018, the Petrolia & North Enniskillen Fire Department burned down a donated house so that firefighters could practice different hose-handling tactics, as well as different fire attack drills. The day was very successful, and informative for our firefighters.


All throughout the day with firefighters going in and out of the burning building carrying different tasks. We also had our S.O.R.T team on standby to help keep everyone safe, happy, and hydrated.