J.H. Fairbank Fire Training Centre

Founded in 2019, the Town of Petrolia donated the facility used as our training centre as a demonstration of support for the ongoing training to better help promote professional development of its members and for the Fire Service across Ontario. It is located at 546 Maude Street and spans several acres of property. It was named after the first Fire Warden for the Town of Petrolia: the J.H. Fairbank Fire Training Centre, and reflects the strong history, pride, and professionalism of the long list of firefighters who have served since 1874.

J.H. Fairbank, First Firehall Warden for the Town of Petrolia

Training Sessions

Every week our firefighters participate in training sessions where we learn new skills and improve our knowledge to ensure we can provide the best service for the residents of Petrolia. Aside from our weekly training sessions, we also have extra training days to practice specific skills such as live fire burn training and ice/water rescue.

Fire Training Centre Course Offerings

The J.H. Fairbank Fire Training Centre offers a variety of courses to help prepare our firefighters and ensure we are providing the very best support we can to our community. A complete list of courses offered through the Training Centre can be seen below:

Course NameCourse #Course Fee
NFPA 1041 – Fire Service Instructor I NFPA 1041 I-21 $80
NFPA 1041 – Fire Service Instructor II NFPA 1041 II-21 $80
NFPA 1035 – Fire & Life Safety Educator NFPA 1035 I-21 $100
NFPA 1002 – Fire Apparatus Driver/OperatorNFPA 1002 I-21$100
NFPA 1072 – Hazmat/WMD Emergency ResponseNFPA 1072 I-21$100
Forcible EntryFE 4-21$150
NFPA 1021 – Fire Officer IINFPA 1021 I-22$200
First Aid CPR-C/AEDMed 1-22$155
Medical First ResponderMFR 1-22$750
Stop the Bleed STB 3 – 21$50
Courses offered through the PNEFD and The J.H. Fairbank Training Centre in 2021/2022

For more details on each course such as run dates/times, necessary prerequisites, and full course descriptions please download the 2021/2022 Training Course Document below:

Registration for courses can be completed by filling out the application form(s) below and forwarding them to If you are applying to any of the medical courses, you must fill out the Medical Course Application Form separately.

Live Fire Burn Training

On October 14, 2018, the Petrolia & North Enniskillen Fire Department burned down a donated house as a training procedure. Firefighters were able to practice different house-handling techniques as well as different fire attack drills that can be applied in a real emergency situation.

The fire crew outside the burning house.

Throughout the day firefighters were going in and out of the burning building, running various drills and safety procedures. We also had our S.O.R.T. team on standby to monitor the vitals of those participating and to ensure everyone stayed safe and hydrated.

Firefighters running their drills during the Live Fire Burn Training

A few of these drills have been run since then, and have been great opportunities to learn and ensure we respond accordingly in the case of a real emergency.