Support Operations Response Team

“Making a difference in your community by being there when it matters most!”

What is SORT?

SORT is a grass-roots team of volunteers trained in basic emergency management principles and skills. Our volunteers are continually preparing for emergencies based on local risks and meeting the challenge when an emergency occurs, whether it is a flood, fire, a major storm or other local hazard.

What does SORT do?

Provides support to the P.N.E.F.D by handling: 

  • Firefighter Rehabilitation 
  • S.C.B.A bottle refill / exchange
  • Firefighter Accountability 
  • On-scene medical evaluation of emergency personnel
  • Training Support


Provides additional emergency related activities during a declared emergency or when authorized by the mayor, C.A.O, C.E.M.C, or Fire Chief. 

  • Coordination – Supervision of other volunteers
  • Staffing of the Emergency Evacuation Centre 
  • Damage Assessment

Provides first aid for community events in and around the town of Petrolia.

Training SORT provides: 

  • On-scene firefighter support
  • Volunteer and victim safety
  • Fire safety and prevention
  • First aid/ C.P.R/A.E.D skills 
  • Municipal emergency management
  • Shelter set up and management 
  • Basic search and rescue
  • Self-help emergency preparedness
  • Emergency and disaster response skills

SORT Will:

  • Address public safety risks in Petrolia by promoting individual and community awareness and action through a training program that prepares residents to take an active role in the emergency management concept; mitigation, preparation, response and recovery. 
  • Help enhance emergency management at the grassroots level effectively and efficiently. 
  • Operate in support of and in liaison/supervise with local front-line response services.
  • Be built on proven experience (the U.S.-based C.E.R.T program) and observations about human nature, most notably: 
  • Experience shows that, in a crisis, people will take action to protect themselves, their families, and their communities. 
  • Be coordinated by local Community Emergency Management Co-Ordinators and address local concerns, hazards and risks. 
  • Provide annual update sessions and exercises for incumbent volunteers, to both maintain their interest and renew their qualifications as volunteers. 


How to Get Involved:

Give us a call or send us an email to the contacts listed below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Information:

Petrolia Fire Hall: 

-Phone: 519-882-2020