Preventing Fires Through Education

Volunteer Firefighter

Job Description – Firefighter

General Statement of Duties:
All fire fighters have the responsibility of attending all department functions and
emergency calls. They must follow the orders of senior officers and work within the
operational guidelines, policies and by-laws of the department.

Scope of work:
 Responds to all alarms
 Performs hall duties as required
 Performs equipment checks as required
 Attends training as required
 Attends meetings as required
 Assists in fire prevention and public education activities as required
 Maintains records as required
 Follows orders of senior officers
 Reports accidents, injuries and deficiencies as required

Required knowledge, skills & abilities:
 Knowledge of occupational health and safety act
 Good knowledge of fire fighting equipment and prevention methods
 Good knowledge of fire fighting principles and behavior
 Good knowledge of rescue principles and equipment
 Certified in B.C.L.S first aid, C.P.R and defibrillation
 Basic awareness of hazardous materials
 Maintain a DZ driver’s license
 Mechanical aptitude
 Good knowledge of municipality and area protected by agreements
 Understands and applies department bylaws and guidelines
 Takes courses to maintain skills

 must pass through department hiring process and probationary fire                        fighter program.

Firefighter Recruitment Process

Policy Statement:                                                                                                                               The process of hiring firefighters within the Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire
Department will respect the values of fairness, transparency and will based upon a
bonafide assessment of an individual’s merit.

Recruitment Procedure:
1. Open recruitment will be advertised using local media.
2. Applicants must submit an application form along with a resume.
3. The application form and resume will be reviewed to ensure eligibility.
4. Applicants must successfully complete a written aptitude test.
5. Applicants must sign all required waiver forms.
6. Applicants must complete a physical aptitude test consisting of wearing an
air pack, climbing a ladder, rolling hose etc. and other activities that are
required of a firefighter.
7. Applicants will be interviewed by at least one Deputy Chief and Captain. All
officers will be invited to participate in the interview process.
8. A recommendation for membership will be made to the Fire Chief.
9. If accepted by the Fire Chief, the applicant will be required to obtain a
medical report from a physician approved by the Fire Chief. In addition, a
Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check will be conducted by
the O.P.P.
10. The Fire Chief will make a recommendation to the Fire Management Board
to accept the chosen applicants as probationary fire fighters.

 The failure of the applicant to satisfactorily complete any of the above steps
will result in the application for membership being denied.
 The recruitment process for all non-firefighter positions may be different
than those listed above and are subject to change.


Petrolia Fire Membership Application

Public Educator

Job Description – Public Educator

Under the general direction of the Deputy Chief, Public Education and Prevention, the Public Education member is responsible for the development and delivery of the P.N.E.F.D educational programming as well as working with community partners to increase public awareness and education, and meet the goals of the Public Education and Prevention Section.

 Conducts research to identify community risks and associated priorities
 Creates goals and objectives for public education programs
 Develops new programs & modifies and adapts existing programs
 Delivers public education programs to various community stakeholders
 Distributes public safety material
 Responds to questions from the public regarding fire and life safety issues and
intervention strategies
 Delivers the T.A.P.P-C program
 Works collaboratively with all others involved in public safety
 Prepares reports and maintains records of public education activities
 Evaluates the effectiveness of the public education program
 Performs other duties as assigned

 Knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety act
 Knowledge of the Ontario Fire Code
 Knowledge of educational methodologies
 Good Communication Skills
 Ability to present in front of an audience
 Knowledge of firefighting equipment and methods
 Knowledge of fire behavior as it relates to public education
 Good knowledge of municipal demographics
 Understands and applies department bylaws and guidelines
 Ability to takes courses to maintain skills