PNEFD’s Fleet

Courtesy Light Awareness

The Petrolia & North Enniskillen Fire Department is a volunteer fire department, which means our firefighters are coming from their homes and jobs to respond to emergencies. Our firefighters all have flashing green “courtesy lights” in their windshields to communicate with other drivers that they are responding to an emergency. Check out the video below to see an example of the courtesy lights, made by Currie Emergency Photography featuring the Petrolia & North Enniskillen Fire Department.

Courtesy Light Awareness, Video Credit: Currie Emergency Photography

Rescue 12

Bought in 2012 from Dependable Emergency Vehicles in Brampton Ontario, this is the departments rescue truck. It responds for most calls that Petrolia Fire receives. It seats 8 firefighters and carries various equipment used in different emergency scenarios. Rescue 12 can also be set up as a Command Post in major incidents.

Rescue 12

Engine 10

Engine 10 is Petrolia Fire’s main suppression apparatus. This truck carries approximately 1500 gallons of water, along with hoses, ladders, nozzles, etc.. and responds to the majority of fire calls. Engine 10 was bought in 2005, from Metalfab Limited in Centreville, New Brunswick.

Tower 13

Tower 13 joined the fleet in November of 2019, making it the departments newest addition. It can carry 500 gallons of water, along with hoses, ladders, nozzles, as well as the majority of PNEFD’s Tactical Team’s rope rescue equipment. The aerial has a maximum vertical reach of 110’. Tower 13 is one of only 3 Tower trucks in Lambton County, therefore it can be called for mutual aid by neighbouring departments whenever necessary. This vehicle was manufactured by Pierce from Appleton, Wisconsin.

Tanker 6

Tanker 6 is the largest tanker truck in the County of Lambton. This truck can carry approximately 3300 gallons of water, two porta-tanks, and two firefighters. This truck responds to fires that aren’t in town, as well as car accidents to be used as a blocker truck. This truck was bought in 1995 from Robica-Forman Limited.

Service 11

Service 11 is more than just a secondary response vehicle, it is often used for day to day activities around the station as well as the On Call Officers truck. Service 11 will also be tasked with towing and responding with the Tactical Teams new trailer (currently awaiting delivery). This truck is a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado.

Fire Chiefs Vehicle

The Chiefs vehicle is a 2015 Ford Explorer. The Fire Chief uses it to get around town outside of emergency situations. Keep an eye out and be sure to shoot him a wave when you seen him pass by.

Engine 2 (Parade Truck)

Engine 2 is used in parades and for large public events as a show vehicle. This truck is the second motorized truck owned by the department, and was built in 1946 by Bickle-Seagrave Fire Apparatus Limited on a 3-ton Chevrolet chassis-cab.

Fire Truck 1 (Parade Truck)

This 1925 fire truck was the first motorized truck in the Petrolia & North Enniskillen Fire Department, as well as the second motorized truck in the province. This truck is in the process of being fully restored and is maintained through the Petrolia & North Enniskillen Fire Departments Firefighters Association.